Stimulating Saturday Club !

| Sunday, February 13, 2011
On every Saturday a club activity is prearranged in Center of Media Studies. In this club students embark their talent in front of whole faculty. And we the students of Center of Media Studies are thankful to our Course Coordinator Mr. Dhananjai Chopra who gave the opportunity to be the part of creativity at its peak.

On this Saturday i.e. February 5th, 2011 Mr. Anil Kumar Bhowmik –great dramatist was invited with his group ‘Smanantar’ at our Saturday Club. Group enacted three plays giving social messages.

The title of the first play was Ishwar-Allah which was written by Late Vasu Malviya and was directed by his son Punar Vasu Malviya .This play was based on the Babri Masjid issue. It showed that how people are fighting for a piece of land. It gave the message that in this fight people have forgotten GOD. In the name of faith they are fighting for their fame. It also gave the message of communal harmony.

The topic of the second act was ‘Pathar’ it was written by Late Vasu Malviya and directed by Rishi Kumar. In this act protagonist of the act was compared to a stone as all his feelings were dead due to dominating nature of society. This act gave the message that now its the time to change the typical laws of the society otherwise that time is not far away when human being will be void of any feelings.

The third play showed the race for the power and position. Its title was ‘Loktantra’. This was written and directed by Punar Vasu Malviya. This play presented that how people are running for the fame. Today everyone is ready to move heaven and earth for achiving power and position.

The dramatic presentations were very inspiring and motivational. All the audience was hovered by the zephyr of messages given through the enactment. This type of programme is very beneficial for the youths to comprehend the society well. This might help in building a better tomorrow. As it is said that………


Mariyam Sohail
B.A in Media Studies
University of Allahabad


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