| Sunday, February 13, 2011
The poet has sung-
“breathes there the man with a soul so dead,
who hath not to himself hath said:
this is my own my native land.


y firm belief says, this very essence of patriotism bloomed in every Indian heart the desire to breathe free. The heroic struggle waged by the people of India to liberate themselves from the bristly shackles of foreign rule, lead to the country’s independence.

And on 15 Aug 1947 India got Independent.
But Independence was not enough, India was Independent as a dominion, with the British monarch as head of state… and hence the task of framing the constitution was given to Constituent Assembly formed under the Cabinet Mission Plan of1946. On 26th January the “Constitution of India” came into force. And India became a Sovereign, Socialist, Secular, Democratic and REPUBLIC and assured Justice, Liberty, Equality and Fraternity to all its citizens. Henceforth this day is marked as ‘REPUBLIC DAY’ in the annals of Indian History.

Since then India has sprouted to give the best to its citizens, but with the development in every sphere we are still entangled with a section of society which is devoid of the gleam of this harvest. In the encoded social norms corruption has become the rule of the day. Along with Politicians and Bureaucrats it has also entered the veins of maestros from the world of Corporate, Media and the most reliable and honored Defense. The Commonwealth games scam, Adarsh Society scam and 2G Spectrum scam aver the entire story. Social Inequality and Poverty still prevails. The farmers of the nation commit suicides because of poverty and debt and we have several crores of black money stored in Swiss Bank. In spite of this pitiable condition the Politicians are busy to struggle for ‘Vote Bank’.

Although India has shown enough maturity in the case of ‘Ayodhya Verdict’, still we know and are aware that the “Intolerance of Secularism” exists. We cannot have a better example than Kashmir violence. Social Inequality prevails, Illiteracy ranks high, Population is on the threshold of explosion. We are not denying the development that took place but what’s the use of such a development which is only for a section of society. Making Rich more Richer and Poor more Poorer and making India a RICH COUNTRY OF POOR PEOPLE.

Its time for the educated youth to initiate a new revolution, need to be optimistic and rise together to a higher level of thought and see a vision of an India which has relevance of its being “ REPUBLIC & INDEPENDENT”.

On 26th January we will celebrate our REPUBLIC DAY with great fervor and felicity with President of Indonesia Mr. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono as Guest of Honour. We should look forward for the success of the celebration and should be optimistic to see the sunshine of a dawn which brings prosperity and glory to our nation.

B.A in Media Studies
University of Allahabad.


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